Great outlook

Do something for
your future

Great prospects
for innovators

Do you know how good it feels to be needed? As a mechanical engineer, your knowledge is in demand What’s more, you get to work on all the important issues for the future. Whether renewable energy, artificial intelligence, smart robotics, or environmentally friendly technologies, the demand for smart minds and specialized know-how is growing in research and business. And the same applies to your career opportunities, which look pretty great right now.

Frontrunner bonus

Almost 7,000 companies, more than a million employees, countless innovations and an excellent reputation—the German mechanical engineering industry is one of the world’s best. And with you, we’ll be even better!

Exciting and rewarding

As an engineer, you will work on a huge number of exciting projects. And you’ll usually get paid well for it: The starting salary is around 50,000 euros and grows with your expertise.

Sound promising? It is.

Let’s take a look at the facts:

The choice is yours

For every engineer, there are around three to four job vacancies. According to The Association of German Engineers (VDI) there are around 170,000 vacancies—that’s a record. So, you’re free to choose to do exactly what you want.

Practically a guaranteed job

The unemployment rate among engineers is extremely low—it’s steady at under five percent. So you don’t have anything to worry about and you have more time to do what you love.

Aussagen von Studierenden zum Studiengang

Research or business:
You’re always welcome.

Looking into electrodes with MRI. Working on ideas for more sustainable mobility. Analyzing processes and rethinking whole production chains. If you have an eye for detail and big ideas, many doors are open to you in the mechanical and process engineering industries. Both in business and in research. As there is close collaboration between the two sectors, you will have close contact with the most important issues for the future. And you can decide whether you want to make your mark in academia from the lab or through practical contribution in a company.

Well connected.
From home.

Don’t know anyone out there? Not a problem: It’s easy to get to know people in Bremen. At the University of Bremen, we have good contacts in business. Both the small and big players in the region regularly come by to introduce themselves and their work, which offers the perfect opportunity to chat over a coffee. As a working student, you can already gather experience at companies such as Mercedes, Airbus, Arcelor Mittal, and many others during your studies. Or you can get a taste of the start-up life in the energy and mobility sectors. And if you need a contact, our study support service has helpful tips for your future.

Already have a bachelor’s in mechanical and process engineering? Then why not add another degree?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical and process engineering are already in high demand on the market. If you want to deepen your knowledge (and maybe enjoy student life for a little longer), you can go one better with a master’s degree. This won’t just improve your expertise, it’ll also raise your starting salary. The University of Bremen offers a variety of options here. And who knows, perhaps you will even go into teaching and become a professor one day.

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